Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photo Challenges

I haven't posted in awhile and have LOTS to say. Firstly, I need to catch up on a few photo challenges. So hold your pee. Later on, I'll post festive Christmas stuff, a concert adventure with some of my favs and just updates altogether--or right after this, who knows? For now though....

Here's a challenge I found through Artistically Amy:

the long road

Head over to The Long Road to China and check out all the entries.

This is a shot I took of my babies playing outside...I would like to say that this was a natural shot--that I randomly found them playing in the grass, jeans rolled, and angelically holding hands. That would make me a liar. Truth: I set this shot up. They complied without fight, and I will settle for that. :) Anyways, this is one of my favorite pictures of all time [so far].

And consequently, I ended up over at just bits & pieces where I heard about this sepia challenge over at Photo Freak.


I have to enter. I chose this picture of Ashton..I already had it stock piled and edited this way. I like my sepia photos to be on the warm side. Almost rusty. So vintage. I just love this photo!

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