Sunday, December 19, 2010

31 Day Photo Challenge::Day 19::.

Day 19: A Picture and a Letter

Dear Mom,
I'm not okay with our relationship. I feel like you don't 'get' me or want to. Seriously sometimes it seems like you would rather be walking rabid dogs than spending time with me, listening to my 'weird' jokes. It used to REALLY bother me, and I guess it still does, but I've pretty much callused. I think it's weird that this kink in our relationship only comes to head once in awhile--the rest of the time we converse like mere acquaintances to keep from getting too deep into each other's lives, pissing one another off. Even in this picture (and most with the two of us)--you look like you hate life.*Sigh* But you're the only Mom I have, and I'm lucky to have a mother at all. Besides, the mother/daughter relationships in movies are probably just as fairy tale as some prince waking a dead girl with his lips.

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