Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Debbie Downer::.

This should be my weigh in post...I'm just not feeling it. I weighed and took pics Monday though and will get to it tomorrow (probably). I'm feeling a little Debbie Downer tonight...

I had a dream about my little brother last night. He was about 4 or 5...he was sporting the spiked mullet--you know what I'm talking about--spikey on top and super redneck on the back?? Ya. He had the little scab on his forehead he got from running into a pole at a baseball game. What a douche. In my dream we were running around, laughing and playing tag. He hugged me so tight-- it felt real. He thought I was so cool back then and loved me so much. I wish he still did. I miss that little boy.

There's really no point to this...I'm just having a rough night. My heart hurts.....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Okay, A Litte Less Fat:: Week 3::.


Okay, my toes need painted, my feet are dry, my scale is dirty and it still needs batteries.....but I'm not a total failure. This week I actually lost a little. This 5'7" chick lost 1lb and 8oz this week from last week's 156.2lbs, so ya! I'll take it. I kept up on my water, which is easy for me--it's really all I've drank for months now. So maybe my water goal was a little too easy. As for work-outs, I didn't do a whole lot of strain there either. I did basic stuff, because 1) I don't have any equipment in home other than an Ab Lounge. 2) STILL too poor to reinstate my gym membership. BUT I DO have some slutty stripper work-out that I do. It's a video and I did it twice last week---the video I mean, pervs. So weight-loss goal for next week: -1lb. I figure a pound a week is a decent goal for someone my size. And if I'm doing it steady, I'm more inclined to KEEP it off this time. So ya, there's my progress.... It's never too late to join in, so go make yourself sweaty and hungry!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm in Hiding

So I'm confined to mobile internet until my laptop is fixed. I'm not liking this..everything is so small and I can't type as fast. Grrrr. I have new followers to meet and comments to get back to..I'm not being a jerk, promise. I'm just temporarily internet challenged. So until further notice, I'm on the quiet side of life--it's boring here. Someone save me.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

♥My Boii is 4::Holla‼


Ashton Avery, 7lbs 8oz 19&3/4" on 02/08/2007 at 1:38PM

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, I wanted a girl so, so, so bad. I always thought it would be so fun to have a sister and I wanted that for Haven. Little did I know this little man had other plans for my ♥heart. I never knew a man could own me the way this little boy does....one smile and I was doomed. We have such a close relationship and I'm so thankful, everyday, for my son and for Haven's little brother. I ♥ U Ashton Avery!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Fatter::Weightloss

So I failed this week. I not only didn't lose, I gained. I feel so freakin bloated right now that my baby seam feels like it could bust right open and expose my guts. I haven't had a csection in 4yrs--4yrs tomorrow to be exact--but I swear I can feel it stretch. And I still didn't get batteries for my scale. So maybe I didn't gain? Ha. Wishful thinking? Ya, probably. I actually think this is weighing me light. I seriously feel puffier. I know that's weird. I also think I'm coming down with something..I'm feeling weird, so excuse any 'out there' thoughts I may have. Anyway, I did stick to my water goal..well pretty much. I did have 1 glass of tea, but other than that--I kept to it. Maybe if I would have met my exercise goals, too--I might see it on the scale. But I'm a big girl (no pun intended) and I know that I didn't put the work in. This week? This week is mine.

This week: 156.2, 5'7ish"
Last week: 155.8, 5'7ish"

I think organization is my biggest problem. I'm in my off season with the business, so other than getting the kids to school on time, I really have no schedule. (that also means I sit on my ass a lot.) Having a loose schedule, or none at all makes it tough to stick to any sort of routine. I've always been one of those people that if it's not on calendar or note--it's not happening. I will completely forget--intentional or not. So this week, I'm scheduling my meals and my workouts. Thinking about organization I remembered that I used caloriecount.com last year. Fellow Chubsters, this site is amazing--and I can't believe I'm JUST NOW thinking of it. It's FREE, number 1. You hear that? Sing up is free. You can keep track of EVERYTHING you eat--down to the calorie. They have a huge database, but if you can't find your food, you can manually enter the stats based on the nutrition information on the package. Awesome, right? So it keeps track of what you put in your face, and it also keeps track of what you burn. It has archived activities--and yes Sara, sex counts as cardio! For instance, vigorous sexual activity--because that's how I get down--you burn 102 calories/hour. And it calculates down to the minute for those of you that get in there and get it done. Aint no shame in that. Anyways, I know this tool is really going to help me, so I wanted to pass along to all of you! Here's hoping we all do better next week...and congrats to those who met their goals! I hate you.

It's never too late to join in. Don't be a weenie about posting your weight, and if you are, I hear Sara is excepting photos of progress via email. Chickens. I'm using the shame for motivation.... just a thought. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Meet Me On Monday::.

1.  Did you watch the Superbowl?


We did watch. I played around on the internet looking up at important parts, but The Husband did watch. Haven wanted Green-Bay to win, so she was a happy fan.

2.  What is the last book that you read?

The last book I had the chance to read was Breaking Dawn. 

3.  What is your favorite kind of cake?

I seriously love ALL cake. I had a really tough time choosing, but I decided on Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cake. I feel like I've shamed Chocolate on Chocolate Cake, Peanut-butter Chocolate Cake, Chocolate on Vanilla Cake...seriously, I like cake. 

4.  Do you snore?

Actually, I'm the only one in this house who doesn't snore. I plug The Husband's nose for a few seconds sometimes in hopes to mute the torture. It doesn't really work long enough to be effective. Most nights I just hope to go to sleep first.
5.  Do you play an instrument?

This one time, at band camp.....

I most definelty did play the flute in high school.  

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Paper Mama Photo Challenge::Self Portrait

 I'm linking up with Chelsea for this week's challenge: self portrait.

The Paper Mama

Scavenger Hunt Sunday::.

1. Water

I went to the archives for this one. This is Haven and I after a day on the lake. 

2. Quote

"The moments we share are the memories we keep."
This is hanging is my living-room, and I just love it. 

3. Window


I'll be thankful when this scene looks a little more green, but how can you not fall in love with the amazement she has watching the white landscape? 

4. Activity

 This is Olivia modeling for the camera. I wanted to get her and Angel sun bathing, but they weren't having it. Angel hid and Olivia started striking poses like Kate Moss--without the coke.

5. Page 25 of a magazine


This is page 25 of our hometown profile magazine.

Go visit Ashley and check out the other scavenger hunters.


Haven is my mini-me, and we are cool chicks..obviously ;) I love her bedding so much, I offered to trade her my chocolate brown set....she didn't see the logic in that deal I guess.

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday::Blizzard in the Midwest

02/01/2011 Blizzard 12PM

02/01/2011 Blizzard 3PM

02/01/2011 Blizzard 11PM

Snow drifts as high as 35''!!

And it's still snowing.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Attention All Chubba Butts

Okay...Time for shame, humiliation...and maybe some motivation. I'm sick of my jiggle and getting rid of it is only going to get harder with age. I'm joining the challenge over at Sara's Organized Chaos. Go check out her pep talk and tales of the dreaded 'fuck-mill'--she's hilarious. She has rules, people --so take note.

So how much do I need to lose?? To get an idea of what my goal should be, I used Health Check Systems. They have a chart to suggest what your ideal weight should be based on your height and FRAME. If you're like me, you're thinking "How am I supposed to know what my frame is under all this jiggle?!" They have a handy little elbow test to determine your frame, then you go to the height chart and determine where you should be. I'm medium framed and 5'7"ish so I should weigh between 133 and 147lbs. And moment of truth................


I really hate my feet by the way...so lay off. Also, I know it looks like a dog tick, but I assure you it was supposed to be a ladybug. Live and learn :)

My scale obviously needs batteries, because the numbers are blurry--it says 155.8lbs to be clear. I'm nervous to post this weight, because it's my low end and when I float up I'm going to look like a slacker. I fluctuate between 155-165. I have an untreated thyroid thing so I float. No excuses though, I'm doing this. Now, I know technically I don't have a long ways to go to be within ideal weight--but don't fat-girl judge me if you have a longer journey. Being chubby is hard--the fat girls hate you, because you're almost skinny and the skinny girls think you're still too fat to share clothes with. Chubby girls unite! Anyway...Losing weight sucks no matter how much you have to go. I started out at 200lbs on 1/1/2009, and busted my ass through the year. I weighed 160 in November 2009 and gained to 170ish by January 2010. I joined a gym and managed to drop and float at 148-160. I've come far and I've been a yo-yo the whole time. I can't afford the gym membership, I'm addicted to food and hate working out. It's time to finish this thing up. I want to lose 20lbs. and finally feel hot. I'm REALLY hard on myself and I know that's going to be my struggle. I have to learn to appreciate the small steps and love myself no matter what hangs where. 

As per the rules:

I've listed my weight at 155.8. My challenge this week I think will be moving. I like to lay around--not sit, but lay. I was going to set my goal to work out an extra day than the required 3, but 3 days alone should be a challenge. And hey, who wants to set themselves up for failure? Goals...hmmmmm. Water! Water is good. I'll up my water intake to 12, 8 oz servings. I use a cup that is 32oz, so I think I can drink 3 of those a day. Easy you say?? Well, I'm going to ONLY drink water from this point on....what now?! ;) No tea. That's going to be tough. So we'll see! I want to lose at least 1 lbs by next Sunday. Maybe I'm being too easy on myself, but thinking back, missing my 5lb or 10lb goals really discouraged me. So, I'm starting off small to see what I can do. If I exceed the 1lb mark--jolly hand-jobs, I'll take it!

Go join---it's going to be fun, and I'm excited to have that support. Also I'm a pretty good cheerleader so I'll be leaving funny fat comments all over the place.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!