Friday, December 3, 2010

Look Because I Said So : )

All this editing for i heart faces has got me going through some edits I already created....Wanna see? Of course you do! Feast your eyes on this:

I took this near my home. This barn belongs to a local farmer...I just love it in pop black&white.

This is a photo I took of my little boii. I love his smile---he's always wearing one. So I decorated this black&white with "smile" quotes.

This is a mirror shot of The Husband and I making out. Calm down, pervs. 

I shot this at the zoo. My little biologist was loving the penguins!

They say crack kills....well, this photo kills me! LOL this photo captures my kids perfectly.

I love this photo I shot of Haven. She's so beautiful inside and out...I think this quote suits her.


This slutty rendition is yours truly. Any DH fans out there?? I pulled this mini-quote from their song, "Shine." I'm a super-fan. Guilty. 

The Husband and I on Wedding Day 7/15/06. I love decorating photos. I didn't take this but I made it pretty! 

He still makes me want to puke--in an I've got butterflies sort of way :)

Well, no. There was no real point to this post. I just wanted to share :)

PS: All photos are private property and most are legally copyrighted. I'm by no means a professional, but still treasure my photos. Please do not use any photos without my consent. Typically: Ask and you shall receive : )

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