Friday, December 3, 2010

Here I Go Again::.

I've found yet another photo challenge...I know, I know. It's getting out of hand. Head over to visit The Household6 Diva and join in for Foto Fridays! Be sure to share the love and check out the other entries!

For my first entry, I chose this photo:

So, here's a little secret: I'm a modern day hippie. (don't judge! I do shower.) Besides that fact, who doesn't like a clean planet? Anyways--I took this photo at the State Fair this year. A youth clean up group painted these cans to show support for a greener earth. I think they're amazing! I had to shoot them. I'm obviously a sucker for black & white so I tweaked this photo with my Picasa editor. Like the angle? The Muther thought I had lost my mind when I hit the ground chest first to shoot this look. What can I say? My passion for photography trumps my fear of germs.

What do you think? For more on Foto Friday go here.

PS: Don't be afraid to follow me! I love new friends! I'll return the favor free of charge. ; )

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