Saturday, December 4, 2010

Paper Mama Photo Challenge::Blessings

While visiting over at The Paper Mama (go check her out and show some love!), I came across the Paper Mama Photo Challenge.

The Paper Mama

The Challenge this time is based on 'your blessings.' My obvious choice would be the humans that The Husband and I made. I had a hard time finding 'holiday dinner pictures' and I didn't get any good shots of them at Thanksgiving dinner this year either. Fail. It didn't help that they were at opposite ends of the dinner table, but I was also too busy stuffing my face with delicious food being thankful for the blessings in my life. I love my little family--Growing up, I never prospected myself as a 'family type,' but I couldn't imagine myself not being a Mommy & Wife. They are perfect for me and I like to think they maybe like me, too. :)

Here's a shot of them in front of our barn. It's not the best shot for this challenge, but I thought the red looked festive. I took this photo pretty recently. They were playing in the leaves, running around and being crazy. Typical. I caught this shot at just the right moment. You wouldn't even guess that they were trying to pull each others arms behind their backs to see who could stretch the other to pain the quickest. Ah, sibling love. At least they both find humor in it. No real bullying goes down.

I love, love, love these babies. I don't know what meaning I would have without them. (Cheesy enough for you? No? Try this:) I'm so proud that these two call me Mommy. I'm proud that my body cared for them and prepped them for the world. I'm proud that they are the product of love that The Husband and I share. They are simply blessings. (Cheeeese! That's love, folks.)

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