Friday, December 3, 2010

Fix-It Friday

It's no secret--I'm new to i heart faces. This is actually my second time participating in the fun. It's for photographers of all skill-levels and I think YOU should join the party! (Go now!) This time it's "FIX-IT FRIDAY"--you basically take a provided photo, play with it, and share. I'm not selfish--I have LOTS to share! Not kidding. I'm sort of an editing fool..once I get started, I can't stop. I used Picnik, Picasa3 and Photoshop to doctor this photo. I wish I could share my exact steps, but I play so much that I don't know exactly what I do. I'll try :)

I started off simple with this softened black & white head shot. Firstly, I cropped it down to only her head and shoulders. I played with the exposure a lot. I really like dramatic black & whites, so I usually go heavy on the shadowing. The highlights washed out the harsh lines of her coat--which I was almost unhappy with. Leaving it this way keeps the focus on the face. I then revamped color to her eyes for a fun pop (which is a little sloppy looking at it now--oopsy). The I used the straightener tool to kick it to a small angle.

This version is close to my favorite. I softened the image first, used pop black & white, toned the greenery around her to a burnt orange and titled the image a tad. I LOVE it!

This edited version is similar to the last, except I didn't include the tilt and I left the bushes green and then enhanced the coloring.

I like this one a lot, too! Maybe most would have cropped out her fun and funky jeans to get more of a formal, classy photo--I love the funk in this photo! I like the painted leaves on the ground surrounding her chair. I used pretty much the same steps as above, just cropped differently. The toning is pretty much the same.

This one was done pretty simply, too. I warmed her up, threw in some highlights, went overboard with the shadowing, and softened her adorable little face. I also used high saturation on the greenery for a wide contrast between skin tone and background.

There you have it--my hand in photo editing...I have a few more, but I'll cut it off right there! I don't want to drive the ladies over at i heart faces crazzzzy! :) This was so much fun! Glad I joined the party!

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  1. Love them all! I love how you kept the image and changed the background, and made it unique!