Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where Have I Been?

I've been failing in the posting department. Reason being? I've got a new addiction.

The story: I sent The Husband to Wal-Mart for gender duty devices (aka tampons) and kids' shampoo... he comes back with a Wii. I've been wanting one for awhile, so no real complaints here. Except that we're trying to save money. Christmas? House payment? Electric? Ha. His defense? Get a load of this, it gets good.. "YOU came up with the idea that either of us can make minor purchases without consulting the other if the total is under 200.00." A Wii?? $199.00. Nice moves, Husband. Nice moves. He used the rule I created to enable my shopping addiction. He's clever--one of the million reasons I love him so much.

So the Wii is pretty cool... I'm sure you all know that by though--we are a little behind. Ya, we've played at friends houses, but the whole ownership thing--it's new. He bought the Mario anniversary addition so it and the sticks are red and it came with Super Mario. Right now, we are addicted to boxing and Mario. As soon as the kids are in bed we play. We've stayed up til almost 2am every night as Mario and Luigi taking on fireballs, turtles and weird little I don't know what the fucks. I suck. I die constantly. I'm a terrible partner. Sometimes it's easier to get through an obstacle just leaving me in the bubble. Haha! Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Anyways, I'm getting better! Weird, I used to rock the old school Nintendo Mario. You know what I'm talking about--with Duck Hunt on the B side! That. That's some sweet stuff. So anyways, the Wii has been taking my blogging time. I'll get it in check. ;)

Haven is a bowling and tennis champ. She kicks butt every time. We don't have to let her win so she doesn't break out into dramatic effect...she actually wins. We suck, but she's awesome. She runs at the tv and flings the wii stick so hard--every time I hold my breath waiting for her hand to go through the screen. "Haven baaaaack up!" has become apart of my daily vocabulary. Ashton rocks the baseball. He doesn't play long...he's usually happy playing with his action figures (Ironman holla!) and cheering us on. So all in all, the wii has been a positive addition to our family.

I was hoping to have pictures to accompany this post, but I fail. Oh well, use your *imaginations!*

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