Saturday, November 13, 2010

Higher Learning, Being a Screw-up, Friends, Skates---What the Hell am I Talking About?

I'm doing it. I'm going back to school.  

(Whoo! Go me!) It's some of that newness I was talking about a few posts back. I'm nervous. Scared. Excited. Ready. So now I'm in the mess that is applications, enrollment, transcripts, old high school counselors, test scores--all that crap. Reading, calling, confirming. It's a job. And I've had the pleaseure of remembering that I gave up my senior year. I went from a 3.9 to a 3.0--and I didn't deserve that-- in one semester. Some of my teachers just gave me the credits; just enough so that I would pass--even though I didn't deserve to. They knew I could (should) do it. I didn't even take the SATs. My social life was WAY more important to me and I just didn't care for some reason. That and I was beginning a downward spiral--maybe more on that later. Like way later. Shame. But it is what it is, and still this enrollment process isn't as painless as I would like for it to be. It makes me wish my mom would just do it for me. I want to call her whining until she says, "Text me your info." or " I'm on my way." But I won't. I need to be a grown-up, a real one. I will do this and it's going to be amazing. Soon I'll be able to leave the business up to The Husband and I'll (fingers crossed) be a working psychologist in no time. That's right. I'm going to pay to learn mind manipulation. MUHAHAHAHAHAAA!  In a perfect world, I wouldn't have been such a wild child in school and would have started on this a loooooong time  ago. By now I would be a weird little neuroscientist experimenting on small children. (Ha. I'm of course kidding.)  Here I am though, 25-ish, picking it up and we'll see what happens. Maybe simple counseling will satisfy my need to study people. Life is about trial and error I've come to find and whether this is for me or not, a little higher learning never hurt.

I'm also excited (and freeeeeking nervous) to meet people. I'm not exactly at overflow with the galpals these days. In high school I had a lot of friends. We were all friends. I loved my class. We all partied together, got in trouble together, studied together, played basketball together, cheered for each other...I still have three amazing BFFs from high school, but thanks to life--I hardly see them. 

(Enjoy this retro prom photo from 2003)
One of my BFFs (featured in my Veteran's Day post), Rachel, is in Iraq. Thank goodness for Facebook and her access to it. Our 3rd component, Rachel (--yea, we have two Rachels..fist pump to that!--). She's in Louisiana where her Air Force hubby is stationed. Right now she's nice and plump getting ready to pop out a beautiful little niece for me! And the fourth Mamacita--Amanda. She's a busy mommy herself. She takes care of my little neice and nephew--I let her borrow them and call them hers--nice of me right? Oh, I love her babies! I love those girls. I can honestly say that the four of us will be close friends for life--no matter how often we speak. I just wish I had 'after high school friends.' Most people go off into the world and make new friends at work, in college--didn't happen for me. In present time, grown-up life--I don't really have any friendsies...all my friends that I do have are from childhood. Maybe it's because I say things like 'friendsies??' The Husband and I have friends we hang out with, but I don't really have that close girl relationship I'd like to have. Anyways, here's hoping for new, grown-up friends of my own. Oh and while we're hoping, let's hope I can hang at a college level--it's been a while since my brain has been graded. Yikes.

On another, completely unrelated note. The Husband, Haven and I (Ashton was with Nana) went to a roller rink last night for Haven's friend's birthday. It was Haven's first time on skates--ever! So funny! She fell (duh!), but got back up and tried again..shortly after falling again! Hahaha! We loved watching her fall. She really took some spills! It's was hilarious! It's awful that I think so, isn't it? Ya, I thought so. She did start to get it though. She even took a shot at the limbo line they cleared the floor for. We had a b.l.a.s.t! Here's a few pictures for your viewing pleasure:

 Haven and myself on wheels :)
 Haven and The BFF skater-style.

The Husband fighting the urge to push Haven down.


The bi-product of pure awesomeness.

So, like me, this post was all over the place. Good for you if you made it though. You should treat yourself--pie? Bubble bath? Be creative!

Later Bloggy-Buddies,

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  1. Congrats on going back to school! It is a stuggle with kids but I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end.