Tuesday, November 9, 2010

We Were 'Weeee Weee Weeeee-ing' All The Way Home::.

 So thanks to my rant I forgot something positive I wanted to talk about. Thanks, poor attitude. Anyways... the goods:

It's been an insane summer. A lot of working, rushing, working and more rushing. We don't get the opportunity to do a lot during the summer-- so late Summer/early Fall we try to cram as much fun chill-time with the Babies as possible in. They've been talking about going to the movies for weeks, so Sunday afternoon we took them to see Megamind (REALLY cute movie. We ALL loved it!). After we went out to lunch. It was an easy day. No arguing, fighting, whining, bleeding, disappearing, etc--only smiles and fun. It was nice. So often do family outings go wrong. By the time we were headed home the kids were pretty tired and starting to get pretty wound up. They weren't fighting, so I wasn't complaining. They were just making random (us worthy) screeching noises. The Husband starts to intervene when I take his hand-- like a silent (non-condescending) "chill." They continue on testing weird little voices as loud as possible--of course. I look over at the Husband and he's about to lose it. His eyes are affixed on the road, the nostrils were flaring a little--and then it happened. I will NEVER forget these next few moments I'm about to describe to you--EVER.

All of a sudden he rolls his window down and busts out in "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!" (think gieco here). We all laughed SOOOOOOOO HARD (I'm dying right now just telling you about it!). So the rest of us follow his moves and before I knew it we're scaring the locals. We were all 'weeee weee weeeee-ing' out the windows all the way home. I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe! My goodness, I ♥ our strange.

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