Friday, January 21, 2011

SOOC Saturday Week #3 Link Up::.

This is a shot I caught of Ashton while we were out snowing it up. The Husband is running through the snow with rope in hand, over the custom built ramp, with this little guy on the other end. He defiantly got some air! Haven was in on the fun too.

I'm joining my new blog friend, Amy, over at Marvelous Mommy for her Straight Out of the Camera link up. (raw, unedited photos..straight out of your camera!) Go check out the other great photos and link up!


  1. How fun!!!! I wish we had snow like that here!1

    Coming over from SOOC!

  2. Yes I wish we had snow like that too! That looks like so much fun!

  3. Thanks girls! We had so much fun! Brrrr it was cold though! I would share my snow if I could...I'm more of a Spring kinda girl, even though I'll remember this day forever::.

  4. Wow, they both definitely got some air! lol We have lots of snow here too and the girls have been wanting to go sledding again... if only the temps. would warm up. :p