Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Beginnings & Holiday Recap::.

I'm feeling a little naked in the street after that last post. It's not really like me to lay it completely out there for the world to see. Sure. I bitch and complain in my own right, but I sorta keep it to myself or within a tight circle. So whether it was a psychotic rant or not, maybe baring myself was good for me? I didn't lose any readers, so I guess I didn't frighten anyone. And, honestly....I feel loads better. Like I threw up a night's worth of tequila into what I thought was a toilet. So I guess I'll do what any classy drunk would do....swish my mouth out and move on. A little input would be appreciated though...even if you go the whole anonymous route. I'm cool with that.

Surprise! Aside from yesterday's rant, I've been missing. I've been a little lazy relaxed I guess. I obviously gave up on the 31 day photo challenge. I fail. Looks like I can't even finish a challenge where I participate on my ass. Nice. Ha.

What's been happening? The Holidays of course! I spent a lot of time baking...I had forgotten that I can get Betty Crocker with it. I stole a lot of recipes I found in the blog world, because obviously you people know how to sex a person with food. Especially  Jocelyn over at  Inside Brucrew Life. 

Remember me boasting an UUUH-MAZING Oreo Truffle Cupcake recipie? Well It's Jocelyn's creation! She claimed the glory yesterday and I'm so glad she did! I wanted to know where I had found them so I could stalk her other treats and share of course! I was kind of a tease with these babies since I couldn't give credit. Mystery here you go: Jocelyn's Oreo Truffle Surprise Cupcakes. Do it. These pictures I took are my version. I don't know why I snapped the photo on the decorating tray instead of the cute little Santa tray we served them on. 

I added a glaze for a 3rd layer. It's a combo of vanilla icing, honey and cream cheese. I melted and then drizzled on top of the chocolate layer after chilling in the refrigerator for a few. I'm having withdrawals right now just thinking about them. 

The non-food stuff? Was good, too. We did have an amazing Christmas. We spent way too much money and will be playing catch up for the next few months. Not cool. I can't help it. Something sparks inside of me about a week before Christmas, and I just go nuts. Even though I know the money is needed elsewhere, I shop. And shop some more. BUT they were pretty excited and extremely thankful. 

Haven asked for "a really tiny and cute aquatic turtle." A facebook friend saved  the day when she gave me turtle shack's website. And lucky me, they were having a "buy 1 get 2 free" sale--it was around $16 before shipping. S-C-O-R-E. She got all females and named them: Taya, Olivia, and Angel. So fruggin cute.  

 Ashton was deadset on one toy: "a walking, talking, remote control IronMan. Nothing stands in his way and he saves the day." That's the whole bit. He would recite that anytime someone asked him what he was wishing for. He kills me :) 

So Santa delivered that, too. And it's pretty totes. The reviews were HORRIBLE on it, but it was the ONLY thing he wanted. I'm glad I got it, because it works great for him. We have wood floors, and I would say that has a lot to do with it. 

After Christmas, was my birthday. It was an amazing day. I went into it with a different approach this year and I felt good all day. Normally I dread birthdays. I'm not a fan of getting older. I've seen old people. I don't think I wear wrinkles well. Thank you photoshop. Anyways, this year I decided I was going to be positive and appreciate the breath in my lungs. I made it another year. I'm luckier than some. Haven and I went shopping and had lunch, which was her pick. She chose subway...that's my girl! We talked and really just laughed and had fun. That evening I met with some of my favorites and we had ate infamous local Mexican food and hit a small bar for some drinks.

I had a GeorgiaPeach. OhhhEmmGee. Did I say one? I meant 3. We laughed and did girl talk, which I've lacked for a few months. It's was nice. After drinks, I met The Husband for a nice, kid-less night at home. 26 has been the best birthday I've had for awhile.

 For New Year's Eve, The Husband and I threw a party with the kiddos here at home. We ordered Applebees appitizers,  painted our faces, made "science lab coats" with our 2011 goals listed, played bored games, dressed up, watched a movie, and counted down to 2011! It was such a good time! 

I probably could have split this post up a little, but I wanted to get 2010 out of my system so I can start fresh. 

Did everyone have a good Holiday Season? How did you guys bring in the New Year? Is anyone doing the resolution thing?? Jocelyn (Oreo Truffle Surprise...get to know her for taste's sake!!!) posted something interesting yesterday that she does as an alternative to resolutions. She chooses a "word of the year." One word that represents the year's goals. I've decided to do something similar, BUT that's a different post........


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  1. Loved all of your pictures (I'm nosy that way!) but is it wrong that my favourites were the ones of the Oreo cupcakes?....I am a little hungry, that may have something to do with it.