Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Okay, A Litte Less Fat:: Week 3::.


Okay, my toes need painted, my feet are dry, my scale is dirty and it still needs batteries.....but I'm not a total failure. This week I actually lost a little. This 5'7" chick lost 1lb and 8oz this week from last week's 156.2lbs, so ya! I'll take it. I kept up on my water, which is easy for me--it's really all I've drank for months now. So maybe my water goal was a little too easy. As for work-outs, I didn't do a whole lot of strain there either. I did basic stuff, because 1) I don't have any equipment in home other than an Ab Lounge. 2) STILL too poor to reinstate my gym membership. BUT I DO have some slutty stripper work-out that I do. It's a video and I did it twice last week---the video I mean, pervs. So weight-loss goal for next week: -1lb. I figure a pound a week is a decent goal for someone my size. And if I'm doing it steady, I'm more inclined to KEEP it off this time. So ya, there's my progress.... It's never too late to join in, so go make yourself sweaty and hungry!

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  1. YOu have a god damn ab lounge? I want an ab lounge! Matt says I can't get one because I just got a free shake weight and look as ridiculous doing it as I feel. *sad* But yay for progress!! :)