Monday, February 7, 2011

A Little Fatter::Weightloss

So I failed this week. I not only didn't lose, I gained. I feel so freakin bloated right now that my baby seam feels like it could bust right open and expose my guts. I haven't had a csection in 4yrs--4yrs tomorrow to be exact--but I swear I can feel it stretch. And I still didn't get batteries for my scale. So maybe I didn't gain? Ha. Wishful thinking? Ya, probably. I actually think this is weighing me light. I seriously feel puffier. I know that's weird. I also think I'm coming down with something..I'm feeling weird, so excuse any 'out there' thoughts I may have. Anyway, I did stick to my water goal..well pretty much. I did have 1 glass of tea, but other than that--I kept to it. Maybe if I would have met my exercise goals, too--I might see it on the scale. But I'm a big girl (no pun intended) and I know that I didn't put the work in. This week? This week is mine.

This week: 156.2, 5'7ish"
Last week: 155.8, 5'7ish"

I think organization is my biggest problem. I'm in my off season with the business, so other than getting the kids to school on time, I really have no schedule. (that also means I sit on my ass a lot.) Having a loose schedule, or none at all makes it tough to stick to any sort of routine. I've always been one of those people that if it's not on calendar or note--it's not happening. I will completely forget--intentional or not. So this week, I'm scheduling my meals and my workouts. Thinking about organization I remembered that I used last year. Fellow Chubsters, this site is amazing--and I can't believe I'm JUST NOW thinking of it. It's FREE, number 1. You hear that? Sing up is free. You can keep track of EVERYTHING you eat--down to the calorie. They have a huge database, but if you can't find your food, you can manually enter the stats based on the nutrition information on the package. Awesome, right? So it keeps track of what you put in your face, and it also keeps track of what you burn. It has archived activities--and yes Sara, sex counts as cardio! For instance, vigorous sexual activity--because that's how I get down--you burn 102 calories/hour. And it calculates down to the minute for those of you that get in there and get it done. Aint no shame in that. Anyways, I know this tool is really going to help me, so I wanted to pass along to all of you! Here's hoping we all do better next week...and congrats to those who met their goals! I hate you.

It's never too late to join in. Don't be a weenie about posting your weight, and if you are, I hear Sara is excepting photos of progress via email. Chickens. I'm using the shame for motivation.... just a thought. 


  1. Dig your blog! I found you through Sara's Organized Chaos and your comment was too funny to not stop by...

  2. Girl... you don't know it, but Matt says you are his hero. Because if sex is cardio.. shit. I could use some extra cardio. Matt's thrilled. Except I told him I just can't have sex right at 7, dude I have to blog. So he's just gonna have to stay awake until 8. Old man.