Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Attention All Chubba Butts

Okay...Time for shame, humiliation...and maybe some motivation. I'm sick of my jiggle and getting rid of it is only going to get harder with age. I'm joining the challenge over at Sara's Organized Chaos. Go check out her pep talk and tales of the dreaded 'fuck-mill'--she's hilarious. She has rules, people --so take note.

So how much do I need to lose?? To get an idea of what my goal should be, I used Health Check Systems. They have a chart to suggest what your ideal weight should be based on your height and FRAME. If you're like me, you're thinking "How am I supposed to know what my frame is under all this jiggle?!" They have a handy little elbow test to determine your frame, then you go to the height chart and determine where you should be. I'm medium framed and 5'7"ish so I should weigh between 133 and 147lbs. And moment of truth................


I really hate my feet by the way...so lay off. Also, I know it looks like a dog tick, but I assure you it was supposed to be a ladybug. Live and learn :)

My scale obviously needs batteries, because the numbers are blurry--it says 155.8lbs to be clear. I'm nervous to post this weight, because it's my low end and when I float up I'm going to look like a slacker. I fluctuate between 155-165. I have an untreated thyroid thing so I float. No excuses though, I'm doing this. Now, I know technically I don't have a long ways to go to be within ideal weight--but don't fat-girl judge me if you have a longer journey. Being chubby is hard--the fat girls hate you, because you're almost skinny and the skinny girls think you're still too fat to share clothes with. Chubby girls unite! Anyway...Losing weight sucks no matter how much you have to go. I started out at 200lbs on 1/1/2009, and busted my ass through the year. I weighed 160 in November 2009 and gained to 170ish by January 2010. I joined a gym and managed to drop and float at 148-160. I've come far and I've been a yo-yo the whole time. I can't afford the gym membership, I'm addicted to food and hate working out. It's time to finish this thing up. I want to lose 20lbs. and finally feel hot. I'm REALLY hard on myself and I know that's going to be my struggle. I have to learn to appreciate the small steps and love myself no matter what hangs where. 

As per the rules:

I've listed my weight at 155.8. My challenge this week I think will be moving. I like to lay around--not sit, but lay. I was going to set my goal to work out an extra day than the required 3, but 3 days alone should be a challenge. And hey, who wants to set themselves up for failure? Goals...hmmmmm. Water! Water is good. I'll up my water intake to 12, 8 oz servings. I use a cup that is 32oz, so I think I can drink 3 of those a day. Easy you say?? Well, I'm going to ONLY drink water from this point on....what now?! ;) No tea. That's going to be tough. So we'll see! I want to lose at least 1 lbs by next Sunday. Maybe I'm being too easy on myself, but thinking back, missing my 5lb or 10lb goals really discouraged me. So, I'm starting off small to see what I can do. If I exceed the 1lb mark--jolly hand-jobs, I'll take it!

Go join---it's going to be fun, and I'm excited to have that support. Also I'm a pretty good cheerleader so I'll be leaving funny fat comments all over the place.

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!



  1. You can do it! You can. Let me be honest and tell you at this very moment I am so hungry I can't go anywhere. Because I will likely dive into someone's cart and eat their Cheetos. Seriously. I cut back the amount of shit I eat in a day and I feel like death. Seriously- how do Ethiopians do this???

  2. You are going to do great! Don't even worry about the cake....cake sounds so good! We can do this.