Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm a Hero to a Special Needs Dog, Blisters=Ninja Moves, & Eye of the Tiger::.

Okay, hey! So I didn't make posting a daily deal like I thought I might, but I'm here now! And what a week it has been. I'm so bleeping proud of myself! Seriously, I kicked ass this week. I ran/jogged/walked/crawled/cried 4 days this week. There were moments that I thought I was seriously going to die (and some moments I wished I would), but I did at least 3 miles 2 of those 4 days, 2 miles the first day and FOUR miles the last day. I rubbed a freakin blister on my foot; ya, that's how hard I worked. Aside from the running/walking, I did weight training, crunches and squats those four nights with some light yoga. I was a nazi with my food portions and calories, too. I seriously did awesome. I know I've said that, but I'm shocked--and proud, but mostly shocked.

I lost a little over 3lbs this week. I didn't get a picture of my restarting weight, but it was 164.something.This week:

I weighed in at 161.8. I don't know why I bothered putting this worthless picture up, but here ya  go--I'm playing by the rules and all that. I took it with my phone and it just didn't work out all that well.

So anyways, I'm feeling like an ugly stripper who just found a blind sugar daddy! Because, folks, let me tell you---I worked muther-spanking-hard for those lbs. Fighting through my fear of snakes and my neighbor's ignorant SEVEN dogs was challenging alone. I don't do snakes and I don't do big, stupid dogs--especially when you're running, they take that as an invite to chase you. That's not my thing. I would run the highway, which would be TONS easier, but that goes back to the whole fear of being kidnapped, tortured, used as a sex slave, and murdered. It happens. Don't you people watch John Walsh on Saturday nights? Knowledge is power, geesh. So I'll stick to our acreage perimeter with man-eating snakes and the pack of Cujos.

Oh and after almost 3 years of living here, I met another neighbor. 3 down, 2 to go. I was running, and I came to the corner of our property that is pretty much right across from his mailbox. He happened to be there getting his mail. I had to say hi--I didn't want to be that bitch. Of course, he wanted to chat. (Awesome.) So I ran across the road to introduce myself. He's an older gentlemen named Tony, with a very strong Italian accent. I would bet my left boob he's mafia. We have a lot of that around here. They hide out in the sticks from Kansas City and St. Louis. No, I'm not crazy-- this shit is real, people. Anyways, he asked me a million questions (typical mafia) and was pretty nice. I think I passed the test, and I don't anticipate a visit from Vinny and Frankie anytime soon. My dog felt he needed to protect me and ran out in front of a speeding jeep to get to me. I literally had to step in the way to put my hands up to stop the jeep for the challenged bag of fur to laddee-flippin-daaa acrossed the road. Sometimes, I swear Sammy has brain damage. Like maybe his mom sat on his head and he's slow due to oxygen deprivation?? Anyways, I'm now a crazy dog lady to the mafia man. I don't see any dinner parties happening anytime soon.

Alright, so new goals in sight:

1. MORE WATER--I just don't do tap water. Gross. I have a well, but my water is hard (that's what she said.), and the government poisons bottled water--which leaves me with my favorite kitchen item. My Britta water pitcher. I love that thing. I just can't keep it filled. So that slows up the intake. I'm working on not being a lazy whore and refilling it every time I fill up my gigantic glass. I'm a work in progress.

2. 5 DAYS OF EXERCISE--I have 2 midterms this week, so this might be tough, but we shall see how strong my will is.

3. DO THE GROCERY SHOPPING MYSELF THIS WEEK. I have a billion things I have to do, so The Husband usually does the grocery shopping. He gets what's on my list, but also comes back with extra shit that has no business being in a dieter's house. Jerk. I didn't really have a problem with temptation, but I know it could come. I don't want to screw this up. We have family photos in 2 weeks.

4. ZUMBA. I bought the Zumba game/workout/whatever for the Wii. I have heard awesome things about it, but haven't tried it yet. I hope to start my mornings this way 5, if not 7 days this week. What have you heard about it? Have you tried it?

What are you guys doing to mix it up? Struggles? Successes? Do share!

Go check out the other fattys in the Weigh-In Monday Challenge or whatever Sara calls it. ;)

That's, that. I do have more to talk about, so I REALLY hope I pull 15 minutes out of my ass somehow tomorrow! Good night all, and best of luck to my herd! I hope you all are doing great! By the way, if you want to be cool like us, you can join too...Just let Sara know so she can link you up, yo. Mooooo.

OH! I almost forgot: I want to do a work-out play-list. I need song suggestions....go!


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  2. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com